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Consistent-Note Arpeggios

Updated: Oct 30

When it comes to arpeggios, one thing I love to do is to pick a couple of notes that ring out consistently, even though the chords are changing. So for this example, which is in F# Mixolydian, I've chosen for a B and an F# ring out for the first three chords and then change it up at the end to keep it interesting.

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro IV:

- Reverb:

- Guitar Center:

Boss OD-200:

Boss ME80:

Focusrite 8i6:

Avid Pro Tools:

Waves Plugins Get 10% off:

Equipment Used to Make this Video

DJI Pocket 2:

MacBook Pro:

Adobe Premiere:

I can't work without these tools:

Contour Shuttle Pro:

Expert Mouse:

Shure SRH440 Headphones:

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