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Blackstar St. James EL34 Plugin

In this video, I embark on a recording session with the Blackstar St. James EL34 plugin, exploring its versatile capabilities across four different guitars and tones.

The EL34 plugin unfolds through two main windows—the amp window and the cab rig window. The latter takes center stage, offering two cabinet options (212 and 112) with distinct microphones and flexible positioning options for a personalized blend. As I showcase the recorded tracks, each guitar and tone come to life, from the Les Paul coil split to the Telecaster's middle position blend, and the lead melodies with a Paul Reed Smith humbucker and a Hollowbody guitar. The video culminates in a harmonious ensemble of all five guitar parts, highlighting the rich, throaty sound of the Blackstar EL34 St. James plugin. It's an engaging exploration of the plugin's features, demonstrating its flexibility and potential for creating a variety of dynamic guitar tones.


Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro IV:

Fender Telecaster:

Waves Plugins Get 10% off:

Equipment Used to Make This Video

I can't work without these tools:

Contour Shuttle Pro:

Shure SRH440 Headphones:

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