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2 Strings, 1 Finger

Updated: Oct 30

Here are two chords that use one finger to play two strings at the same time, and they're not barre chords.

The first one is actually just an E major. But what I'm going to do is use my middle finger to play the A string and the D string at the same time. It opens up room for me to stretch my pinky to play a G# on the high E string. The second one is a C6. I'm going to use my middle finger again to play the D string and the G string on the second fret. Sounds like this. Check them out. Have fun.

Equipment Used:

- PRS CE24:

- Boss ME80:

- Focusrite 8i6:

- Avid Pro Tools:

- Native Instruments Guitar Rig:

I can't work without these tools:

Contour Shuttle Pro:

Kensington Expert Mouse:

Shure SRH440 Headphones:

Video Equipment Used:

- DJI Pocket 2:

- Lume Cube Panel Mini:

- Adobe Premiere Pro:

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