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Dissonance is Beautiful

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Did you know that dissonance is actually really beautiful? Check it out.

If I play a B and a C at the same time, sounds pretty awful, right? But if I wrap that in a few other notes, we can get to an A minor 9, which is one of my favorite chords. See, what we have there is an A as the root, an E for the fifth, a B for the ninth, a C for the minor third, and on top a G as a seventh. See, that creates a really beautiful haunting texture and it's great in ballads. And I used it in the song "How You Left Me."

Am9 or A minor 9 chord chart


- Fender Telecaster:

- Focusrite 8i6:

- Avid Pro Tools:

- Native Instruments Guitar Rig:

I can't work without these tools:

- Contour Shuttle Pro:

- Kensington Expert Mouse:

- Shure SRH440 Headphones:

Video Equipment Used:

- DJI Pocket 2:

- Lume Cube Panel Mini:

- Adobe Premiere Pro:

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